The Goal OF Osmani Museum


Enhance the Museum’s holdings by acquiring antiquities, works of art, ethnological specimens, relics connected with the liberation struggle of Bangladesh, specimens of flora and fauna, traditional crafts and artifacts, products of intellectual activities, audio-visual documentaries, and such other objects and items as are related to the cultural and natural heritage of Bangladesh, and, above all, objects from different countries that collectively represent a spectrum of regional and world civilization.


  • Preserve all objects in accordance with the recognized standards of conservation.
  • Provide a safe and appropriate environment for the collections, with effective security and environmental control, for the benefit of the present and future generations.
  • Ensure that preservation standards are maintained for all objects received by the Museum on loan or borrowed from the Museum.


  • Support scholarly investigation and research in order to document, catalogue, and publish the Museum’s objects as well as to contribute to knowledge and human achievement.
  • Support stimulating educational programs.
  • Support exploration and fieldwork.
  • Maintain a library, archives, databases, and other research facilities.


  • Display as many objects as possible in a visually appealing and intellectually stimulating manner, maintaining the best possible aesthetic standards.
  • Provide additional access to the Museum’s collections in accordance with the approved rules.
  • Hold special exhibitions from time to time.