Gallery 1

The entire room has been decorated with showpieces similar to a bedroom. There are four chairs made of cane and two centre tables, one simple wardrobe and one wooden bed with two side tables. The favourite wrist watch, which General Osmani wore till the last hours of his life; the military stick, two briefcases, a telephone set, a number of books and used crockery, are kept on one side. The other side is decorated with a wooden rack, which contains two suits, two uniforms (khaki and deep green), two shirts (white and light blue), two panjabi, a brown sleeveless coat, four pairs of shoes including one military boot, a black umbrella and a walking stick well decorated in brown colour. A round table and a wooden book shelf with many books and magazines from home and abroad including “Who’s Who in the World” (editions: 1978–1979 and 1980–1981) are placed in a corner. A man size portrait in military attire is placed on the wall along with a photograph of child Osmani on the lap of his beloved father and many other historical photographs kept for display.